Panacea Holistic Health "Be the change you wish to see"
Panacea Holistic Health"Be the change you wish to see"

Eco-Stewardship Guild

As one of our pillars for Panacea Holistic Health, this guild is an important aspect for total holistic health.



 This guild will function as a medium by which we can meet Panacea’s mission to practice eco-restorative landscape design in order to form a more balanced ecosystem for the creation of a healing effect for all sentient beings. A main objective for the Eco-Stewardship Guild will be to help Panacea match our inner growth with outer manifestations of that transformation and health. Success will be measured by the creation of sustainable food systems for the common people, by the spreading of information to the general public about the benefits of permaculture, and by the manifestation of a living permacultural model that Panacea will maintain as a demonstrative example of applied permaculture. Thus one long term fundraising project is the creation of a living permaculture at our upcoming eco-sanctuary! Some other fundraising projects might be landscaping and permaculture design services, permaculture consultations, educational services, and community gardens.


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