Panacea Holistic Health "Be the change you wish to see"
Panacea Holistic Health"Be the change you wish to see"

Spiritual Transfomation Guild

Welcome to the basis of Panacea Holistic Health. This guild is the corner stone for helping Panacea Holistic Health be a full holistic health service.



The fomation of this guild is intented to support Panacea's mission to encourage philosophical, religious, and spiritual exploration and application within our communities. The unique mission for the Spiritual Transformation Guild is to provide a platform through which mystical and esoteic knowledge can be realized by the common person. The Spiritual Transformation Guild will succeed in this quest as measured by the propagation of beneficial knowledge to the public about the advantages and practical uses of spiritual purification practices. One long term fundraising project is the creation of  an eco-sanctuary that will host a temple for the practice of Tibetan Buddhist tradition, Yoga, Ando-Amazonian (Indigenous) tradition, and other forms of spiritual discipline. Some other fundraising projects that this guild might work on could be meditation class, presentations about the science of spirituality (applied metaphysics, sacred science, and mind-body medicine), common charity events, and many more determined by leadership.


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