Panacea Holistic Health "Be the change you wish to see"
Panacea Holistic Health"Be the change you wish to see"

Gifts & Services

Panacea Holistic Health offers gifts and most services on a suggested donation basis. We also willingly offer community services to help support our communities in Maine. 


Suggested donation based services include:

*Reiki Session: $35 for 30 min OR $60 for 1hr:

Enjoy 30min-1hr of an energetic healing for both your body and your soul. The exchange will be done by one of our Reiki Certified Healers.

*Wellness Consultation: $50

This will include an interview by our very own President of Panacea. He holds a Bacherlors degree in Alternative Medicine,  has  a Permaculture Design Certificate, and is also certfiied in Reki Healing and studying to be a Master Herbalist.

*Permaculture Design: $100-$300 (This will range depending on the  details and work of the design)

Whether this is for your small back yard or acres of land, we can help you make a design that will be sure to help you produce a healthy eco system for your family and the environment. 

* Relaxation/Guided Meditation: $10

Sit back and enjoy what relaxation and meditation can do for you. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, we have a way that will help you to find where your center point is.


Gifts we offer for a suggested donation include:

*Gifts baskets: $25-$100

The gift baskets each have their own service to an individual. They will generally include a mix of different remedies such as herbs, salves, syrups, tea blends, and sometimes vouchers for sevice.

*Care Package: $25-$150

Care packages are similar to gift baskets in which they both offer different healing remedies. These packages though have been specifically made up for an indivdual who has recieved a wellness consultation.

* Herbs or Remedies: $07-$30

We offer an array of different kinds of herbs and remedies. Remedies will include the tea blends, salves, or syrups.







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